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Tegan Brady Stockings give us the young English blonde babe posing in a house with the kitchen in the background. Tegan Brady is wearing an ensemble of tight bright pink blouse that shows off her cleavage and a matching pink mini skirt. Her elbows are next to a window-like counter and her right leg is bent with her foot touching the wall. Though she is fully clothe, we can still see that Tegan Brady has big breasts but her arms and legs are quite slender. Her legs are covered in black nylons up to her knees and she has black high heels on her feet.

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Tegan Brady shows off her hot melons in this video and set of photos. We can see the beautiful busty blonde standing up with her head tilted to her right. Both of her hands are touching her back and she has a sort of shy smile on her pretty face. Tegan Brady is wearing a light pink bra on her very large boobs that measure a whopping 30GG. Covering her young teen pussy is plain white underwear. Those young girls have perky ones even when they are big.


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Tegan Brady Teen Jugs shows us the pretty blonde teenager standing next to the white doors of her closet, in her room. She has a wide smile on her face as she playfully takes off her clothes. It appears that she has already removed her bottom clothes and is now taking off her pink shirt. We can see the pink bra that is covering her great big teen jugs, her navel ring and the cute and skimpy pink and orange panties she has on. What do teens do when they undress? We think Tegan here is up to no good. And we like that idea. Such a sexy lingerie photo of this beautiful busty Brit.


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Tegan Brady is sitting on a wooden chair with her legs crossed. She is wearing a pink striped shirt and darker pink striped shorts. Tegan Brady’s legs are covered with white knee-high nylons. Her left leg is bent and raised and her left hand is cupping her left knee. She has a smile on her pretty face as she leans her head onto her knee. Her cute smile melts out hearts. Sweet and innocent but not too sweet show us her big boobs.


Tegan Brady

Tegan Brady is a 20 year old centrefold model from United Kingdom. She was born on September 6, 1992 in England. Tegan Brady has natural blonde hair and brown eyes. She stands 157 centimetres (5 feet and 2 inches) in height and weighs 51 kilograms (112 pounds). Her breast measurement is 30GG, her waist is 27 inches and her hips measure 34 inches (30GG-27-34). Tegan Brady has no known tattoos but has a piercing in her navel.


Tegan Brady began her career in the adult modelling business in 2010. She was previously known by the name Savannah Broadley. Most of her modelling work has been in the categories of teen, amateur, solo, busty, tease and topless.

Tegan Brady Couch

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Tegan Brady is one curious busty teen. Whenever she is left alone in the house she likes to explore herself. Here we see the beautiful blonde kneeling on a black leather couch. She looks shy and her head is tilted to her right side. She is wearing a sexy pair of black brassier and panties with hot pink ribbon trim. Both of Tegan’s hands are near her crotch and it seems she is removing a piece of clothing. We wonder though, what else could this young girl be up to? Stay here if you want to find out.

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Tegan Brady Naughty Girl gives us the busty blonde girl inside the house. It seems Tegan Brady gets a little horny while doing her chores. We see the pretty young thing with a mix of innocent and naughty look on her face as she has both of her arms together as if removing her light blue shirt. A fabric headband is holding her short blonde hair and only the fringes of bangs fall near her eyes. Tegan is only wearing cotton panties for her bottom. The sweet look works for us. She looks extra sexy, don’t you think?

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Tegan Brady looks like an innocent angel in this photo. The busty blonde teen is sitting on wooden boxes with her legs crossed. She is a light blue party dress, long beaded necklaces and white ankle socks. Tegan Brady has a slight smile on her face and her mid-length blonde hair is touching her shoulders as she tilts her head to her right side. Could this cutie teen be getting ready to party? Great lighting and camera angels might help most models but Tegan is so cute that she doesn’t require much to take great pictures.

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Tegan Brady Pretty gives us the sexy blonde teen inside a room. She is smiling a little while kneeling on a bed with white sheets and pillows. Tegan Brady has a red flower clip on the right side of her hair and she is wearing a pair of all-white cotton clothing. On her legs we can see that she has black polka-dot nylons up to her knees. Both of her hands are touching the sheets. We like this photo because she looks absolutely innocent yet we get horny at the sight of her ample cleavage and big breasts.

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Tegan Brady Curvy shows us the hot blonde teen at her eighteenth birthday party. I looks like had a fun party judging by the number of streamers at her back. This curvy teen lets us in on her wild side. She pulls up her blue shirt and shows off her large breasts that are covered in grey bra. We can also see her navel piercing and her polka-dot panties. Absolutely Tegan has all the curves in all the right places and hour glass figure but yet soft and petite.